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Book of Ceremonies for Caerthe

This section of the webpage houses information on the Caerthe Book of Ceremonies. This includes ceremony texts for Orders and Awards, Fealty Oaths, Charters, Scroll Texts, and anything else that makes its way into the book of ceremonies.

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Charter for the Order of Evan

Constitution for the Order of Evan

I. There shall exist in the barony of Caerthe an award known as the Order of Evan, which may be given by the Coronet, subject to the pleasure of the Crown, to those individuals who have exhibited exceptional personal development, and by their words and deeds, bring credit upon themselves and serve as an example to all in the accuracy of the creation and in the living of their persona.

II. The holders of this award shall be styled as a Sojourner of the Draig Rhudd (Red Dragon), and shall be entitled to place the letters S.D.R. after their names.

III. The insignia of the order shall be the registered badge of the order: "Or, a dragon passant gules and a chief embattled sable."

IV. The award carries neither arms nor precedence.

V. Amendments to this constitution shall be made by the Coronet of Caerthe after due consultation with the Crown.

VI. The companionship of all previous members of the order is hereby confirmed.

By my hand this 9th day of May, A.S. XLIV, being 2009 in the Common Era.

Mary Blakthorn, Baroness

Maelgwn III, King; Sabine, Queen

Marie de Blois, White Stag Principle Herald

Related Items: Ceremony | Standard Scroll Text | Order Information