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Book of Ceremonies for Caerthe

This section of the webpage houses information on the Caerthe Book of Ceremonies. This includes ceremony texts for Orders and Awards, Fealty Oaths, Charters, Scroll Texts, and anything else that makes its way into the book of ceremonies.

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Standard Scroll Text

The standard baronial scroll texts assume that there will be both a Baron and Baroness. If this is not the case, modify the text to read: [_______, [Baron/Baroness] of Caerthe] and change everything else to the singular ("I" instead of "We", "my" instead of "our").

Note that the numbers listed in front of each section of scroll text refer to the "Mix-and-Match Scroll Text" options listed in the Outland's Scribe's Handbook.

Cordon of Honor of Caerthe

Cordon of Honor - Bearer (CCHC)

Given to those gentles who have rendered personal service to the Baron and Baroness.

Precedence - none.

Badge: None at this time. Insignia is a lanyard of gold, black and green cords.

Scroll Text:

(1 & 2) We, _____ and _____, Baron and Baroness of Caerthe, unto all nobles and gentles to whom these letters may come, Greetings.

(3) Know ye that whereas we perceive that it is becoming to our station that we should exalt with singular honors those who show themselves constant in our service,

(4) hence it is that we name _______ as a bearer of the Cordon of Honor as a sign of our favor. Thus the merits of these inward virtues may be outwardly confirmed, and may, by example, allure to many virtuous deeds.

(5) Done by our hands, this _____ day of _____, Anno Societatis _____, being _____ in the common reckoning of years.

______, Baron ______, Baroness

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