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Orders & Awards

Order of the Black Glove of Caerthe (CBGC)

Full Order Name: Black Glove of Caerthe

Also Known As: The Black Glove

Members are Known As: Current Holder is "The Black Glove of Caerthe", a prior holder is a "Companion of the Black Glove of Caerthe"

Order Initials: CBGC

Order Precedence: Award of Arms

Badge: In Submission: Or, a glove within a bordure embattled sable.

Given For: Excellence in all three of armored combat, rapier combat, and arts & sciences.

Full Charter


Scroll Texts:
Standard | Specific to Robert & Magge

Below is the list of the membership of the order. It can be sorted by Name or Date.

The membership list was last updated on 08/29/2014.