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Orders & Awards

Order of the Dreamer's Cup (CDCC)

Full Order Name: Dreamer's Cup - Note: This order name has not been registered.

Also Known As: Dreamer's Cup

Members are Known As: Companions of the Dreamer's Cup

Order Initials: CDCC

Order Precedence: none

Badge: Per bend Or and vert, an aspen leaf and a goblet counterchanged.

Given For: being at all times an example of chivalry, gentility, nobility and authenticity, are most exemplary in the conduct of themselves, to the greater credit and worth of the Barony

Full Charter


Scroll Texts:
Standard | Specific to Robert & Magge

Below is the list of the membership of the order. It can be sorted by Name or Date.

The membership list was last updated on 07/30/2014.