This Week in Caerthe

Fighter Practice (Heavy and Rapier) is Resuming!

Their Majesties have approved Caerthe’s petition to resume heavy and light weapons practices beginning on June 10th.


 Attendees must pre-register for EACH practice they wish to attend by filling out this form

The practices will be held at Centennial Park 4630 S. Decatur Avenue Englewood, CO from 6:30 until dark.

Please note we are still under the BOD guidelines (see below) until July.
Masks (this means over the mouth and nose and NOT over the helm) and social distancing of 6 feet will be required at all times.  You can only take your mask off to eat or drink – and you must be stationary AND follow social distancing guidelines. You must bring your own food and water. No food or water will be provided by the Barony.

Check-in will be performed by the seneschal, or the deputy seneschal, Knight Marshal, or Rapier Marshal. There will be a printed sign-in list with the names and contact tracing information for each person that has preregistered. Any vaccinated or unvaccinated person who tests positive for Covid-19 or has flu-like symptoms within 2 weeks should report to the local Seneschal ( so that they can contact the local Health Department. 

By attending this practice you are confirming that you (as well as any minors that you are parent or guardian for): 
➢ Are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 as identified by the Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention at, including but not limited to: 
• Fever or chills 
• Dry cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing 
• Muscle or body aches 
• New loss of sense of taste or smell; 
➢ Have not been near someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 within the last 14 days without following CDC guidance for self-quarantine; 
➢ Agree to follow all COVID safety restrictions imposed by the SCA, the event site, and/or local, state, provincial, or federal government or health authorities.

BOD Requirements for Events as of 5/17/21
 A.    Masks that fully cover the mouth and nose must be worn by all attendees over the age of 4 at all times and during all activities except for eating and drinking; 
B.    Court, bardic circles, or any activity (this includes fighting)  that involves voice projection shall also require that masks be worn at all times. Sound amplification devices are highly recommended;
 C.    No day board, water-bearing, or food of any kind shall be provided by event staff or attendees to other attendees. All attendees must provide their own food and beverages; 
D.    While consuming food or beverages, attendees are required to remain stationary and follow social distancing rules; 
E.    No overnight camping shall be allowed; 
F.    All events shall be held outdoors; 
G.    There shall be a maximum of 150 people at any event;
H.    All events shall require preregistration.