Caerthe's Guilds

Medieval guilds were generally associations of artisans or merchants who controlled a certain trade or practice in a locality.  Guilds in the SCA are groups of people who  focus on a particular aspect of the Arts and Sciences.  These can range from highly structured entities to very informal groups.  They generally exist independent of a particular barony and invite people from across the region to join and share knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm.  


Please call the contact person listed before going to any guild meeting. Sometimes changes are made to meeting times or places and are not able to be publicized.

  • Brewer's Guild: The brewer's guild is currently on hiatus.
  • Cooks Guild: The Caerthen Cooks' Guild information is regularly updated on their Yahoo and Facebook groups.  Facebook Group
  • Caer Galen Danse Guild (not a Caerthen Guild but Caerthens are very active here and practices are very close to our border) Is currently on hold or attending the Unser Hafen Danse meetings. They are currently looking for a site in which to affordably hold their meetings. If anyone knows of a site on our two borders please contact either Lady Roismaire Hawkewood or Lord Faolan of Galway.
  • Embellishment Guild: For information on The Medieval Embellishment Guild, please contact Lady Maire Dooley (720-535-9393).  We teach and welcome any skill level.   Facebook Group
  • Equestrian Guild: Contact Lady Estefania (720-560-1341) for more information.   Facebook Group
  • Fiber Guild: Third Wednesday of each month from 7-9PM at the home of Chelsea Moller 928 S Potomac Ct., Aurora, CO 80012
  • Jewelers Guild: Meets one Monday per month at TASC.  No experience necessary!  Please contact THLord Jibrail or Dona Arcadia for more information.   Facebook Group
  • Leatherworker's Guild: The leatherworker's guild currently meets on the 2nd and 4th mondays each month.  Please click here or contact THLord Forrester for more info.
  • Caerthen Scribes Guild: Meets the second wednesday of the month. 6:30-9:00pm at Lord Avram's house on odd months (Jan, March, May, etc.) and at Lord Rioghan's house even months (Feb, April, June, etc).  Facebook Group