B&B Letters of Intent

You may have heard that our current Baron and Baroness have received permission from Their Majesties to step down during this reign. Those interested individuals who would like to step up and take this august position must be paid members of the SCA, Inc and live within the boundaries of the barony. You will need to submit a letter of intent; contained with in this letter you should include a short introduction, a brief history of your experience in the SCA, the skills you both have to fulfill the obligations to the Barony, and your membership numbers, expiration dates, and zip code. Please send this information to the King and Queen and the Outlands Seneschal.

You are asked to include contact information, a phone number or email address that you do not mind having published, and that anyone can contact you at. We would also like you to be available at Tri-Baronial A&S on February 3rd so the populace can speak to you in person. You should also attend the Polling on February 4th between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM at The Art of Sword and Chivalry [Directions via Google].

Your letters are due by January 20th.

Thank you for your interest in becoming Caerthe's next Baron and Baroness.




Archive Date: 
Wednesday, January 24, 2018