Caerthen Event Proposals

The Barony of Caerthe is currently seeking proposals from individuals or teams wishing to serve as Autocrats for Caerthen 12th Night, the camping event on Memorial Day weekend, and/or Spring AS LIII Coronation.  Proposals are due at the August 7th Caerthen populace meeting.  


Proposals should consider the information in the event packet posted on the Caerthen Website, but should include:  the event team, a summary of the plans for the event, and an event budget.  The short description should be available as a PDF document suitable for posting on the Caerthen Webpage.  Each team will be asked to make a short presentation on their proposal at the Populace Meeting and the summaries will be posted on the Caerthen webpage for comment.  Their Excellencies and Myself will select the Autocrat/team for each event with the concurrence of the Financial Committee based on the populace feedback.  Decisions will be announced no later than August 21st. 

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Monday, August 21, 2017