Collegi il Primo

Good gentles of Caerthe!

In the times of Medici Florence, the Priori of the Signoria ruled the city.  When major decisions were to be made, the Priori sought counsel from a Collegi (Co-lay-gee) - a gathering of the various guild leaders and city elders. In this, the ancient, and noble Barony of Caerthe, we have decided to adopt this name for our recurring, semi-formal monthly gatherings!

Beginning Thursday May 10th and continuing the first Thursday of each month thereafter, please join us for an evening of Chivalric Combat, Fencing, Cut & Thrust, Arts & Sciences, food, and comraderie at our Collegi!

Cushing Park, 700 W. Dartmouth Ave, Englewood, CO 80110

We will gather around 6pm and stay until it's too dark to fight. We have varied terrain for fighting, covered tables for an ongoing series of A&S workshops, barbeques for grilling, restrooms, plenty of parking, even rail access nearby!

We will be grilling meat and providing some beverages - feel free to bring a side dish to share (please list your ingredients). Be advised the pavilion is without power and the site is a public park - so it's dry. 

Wear your garb, bring your banners, feast kit, and a friend!

This will be an on-going, free monthly gathering and the perfect opportunity to bring along someone new for a taste of the Dream.  All are welcome.

A brief Court will be held at ~7:30, and there are rumors of a Royal Presence in attendance.


Archive Date: 
Friday, September 7, 2018