Greetings from Domenico Forestani and Maria Castelana

Unto Their Majesties Darius of Jaxartes and Anna MacTaggart, Their Excellencies, Sir Alasdair MacDubhghaill the Scot & Mistress Dianna Doria, the Nobility, Peerage and Populace of the Great Barony of Caerthe, do we, Lord Domenico Forestani and Lady Maria Castelana, send warm greetings!

We are most grateful to have been found worthy as heirs to the Coronet of the Barony of Caerthe and excited to help write the next chapter in the long history of our home. We thank Their Majesties for the trust they have shown in us, and look forward to demonstrating the wisdom of that decision in the coming years ahead.

We would like to take a moment to thank those who also sought this position, Mirza Jibra'il `Attar and THL Genevieve Darroch, as well as THL Gauvain Eisenbein and THL Pettronella Pártaszövõ. We know firsthand the trepidation of making yourselves available to the populace in seeking this role. These good people should be commended for taking on that challenge in their desire to serve!  As far as a “political” race goes, we appreciated that this process was amicable amongst the candidates and true to the virtues of the Society. We look forward to working with these good gentles who have shown their love and dedication to the Barony of Caerthe. We especially wish to recognize the efforts of the Seneschal, THL Gauvain, and look forward to building on the work he has done in service to the Populace.

During this process we have had the opportunity to speak candidly with many you, and throughout have encouraged all to share their concerns, counsel, and criticism.  Our Investiture will not alter our feelings in this regard. We will be *Your* Baron and Baroness and are here to serve the whole of Caerthe and we cannot do that without your input.  Through baronial-level acts of both revelry and service, we intend to foster community and demonstrate an inclusive and welcoming Caerthe.

We look forward to working with our cousins in the neighboring Baronies, the Kingdom, and the Society as a whole to help spread the Dream for all to share.  We promise that there will be many good times ahead, and we encourage all to come along with us on this journey.

Our Investiture will occur at Kingdom A&S at the Douglas County Fairgrounds:

For those who have inquired, we intend to wear 16thC Venetian as per our personas; however, we recognize the complexity of this garb, especially on this timetable – so please do not feel pressured to match that period! There is no overriding theme for A&S but we would heartily encourage all members of the Populace to bear their best Baronial black and gold, regardless of time period, to share in our support for Caerthe!

Yours in Service,
Domenico & Maria

Archive Date: 
Monday, April 16, 2018