Marshal's Missive

To all noble combattants of the fine Barony of Caerthe, Sir Iohann, Warlord and Marshal of Caerthe, sends greetings.

The snows of winter have faded into the mountains and new grass grows fresh in the fields. The drums of foreign wars have fallen quiet and now we look within our the borders of our own kingdom at the coming campaign season. Fear not, for there lies ahead of us a great host of opportunities for valor and renown upon the field of chivalric combat!  

Come, put on your shining helms and set sword upon shield as we train together each week. We have located a grand new site where we might gather and share our skills, honing the prowess that we all strive to better.  It is not uncommon that we also drink draughts together and share tales once armour’s call has been sated each week.

Let the Sable Lions of Caerthe come forth and roar together!



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Thursday, May 31, 2018