A message from the Baroness


Condottieri was such a blast!

Even though (like any great event in the Outlands) there was intense heat, crazy wind, and a bit of rain, Domenico and I had a lot of fun and saw some super cool things this weekend.

This event was built by many, many hands and I am going to try and capture them all here.

First of all, I am excited to announce our new Champions: Master Mahowney (Archery Warden),  Daffyd (Crossbow Warder), Sigric (Thrown Weapons), Marise (Equestrian). Domenico and I are looking forward to have these new gentles protecting us in the year to come. Additionally, we are also thrilled to have Lady Winter as our new Blackthorn Bard. She has already written one poem in honor of the fencers, and I am hoping she will write many more.

Now for the thank yous:

To the Autocrats Reinhart and Kovak for all your hard work despite multiple job interferences and constant requests/changes from your Baron and Baroness. You have so much patience, graciousness, and creative thinking!

To the Feastocrat, Marie, for making tasty foods to stuff ourselves with.

To the A&S class coordinator, Crestina, there was A&S for everyone, all day long! (Also for putting up with me changing my class hour multiple times!).

To the Rapier & Heavy Fighting coordinators, Servillo & Iohann, for ensuring that everyone got enough fighting in.

To the Generals, Adrien & Dwen (and Mav)– thanks for adding to the story and taking the event to the next level. The games, the coins, the trash-talking...so much fun!

To the ranged weapons coordinators, Dubhghaill, Forrester & Mahowney – so much archery & thrown weapons! Thank you also for accommodating our Champion shoots.

To the equestrian coordinators, Marise & Lisette for rousing the Outlands Cavalry and putting on a good show. Because....horses!

To the youth coordinator, Anneka, who took over last minute and kept the children entertained with quests and "gross" jelly beans.

To Petronella & Crevin for working together to host the Blackthorn Bard competition and other bardic activities.

To the baronial and canton Chatelaines for setting up a tent and making newcomers feel welcome.

Thank you also to all the teachers, servers, cooks, marshals, photographers, set-up & take down crew, and most of all: to all the attendees. Without you all, this event would not have been as awesome!

Here are a few of my favorite moments:

  • Causing mischief in the Gangs of Florence game
  • Beating Don Iago’s archery score on *one whole target* ;-)
  • Master Daffyd informing the court that the combined age of the 3 ranged weapon champions from Caerthe & Unser Hafen equaled more than 210 years.
  • Tearing up during Perin’s song in the Bardic & listening to her favorite memory of Patric Blackthorn
  • Sharing camaraderie and drinks around the various campfires.
  • Seeing that moment when my A&S class students understood whipcording
  • Watching so many people step up to help batten down the hatches during the sudden wind storm
  • A bunch of children in fairy wings
  • The impromptu Beowulf bardic in the middle of the day
  • Being able to recognize our populace (and extended populace) in court for all the awesome things they did.

We are so lucky to have such a great barony and such awe-inspiring friends and family to spend our time with! Super looking forward to next year, and in the meantime, the next event!

- Maria (Baroness of Caerthe)





Archive Date: 
Tuesday, July 31, 2018