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Unto those who wield rattan or rapier in this great barony, Sir Iohann, knight marshal of Caerthe sends greetings.

For many years we have reaped the benefit of good lands and a warm place in the fine hall where the arts of sword and chivalry have been practiced. As harvests of late have diminished, the hall has passed to legend and we now find ourselves in search of a new home.  We have sent forth scouts throughout the land and found good fields where all might come together to maintain their skills.


With flashing sword and shining shield, let us grow the forces of Caerthe and bring back the enthusiasm which has seemed lacking for many months.  As the winter snows melt, the campaign opens before us from Condotierre to Battlemoor, and on to many foreign wars in Calontir, Aethelmarc, and Caid.  Let Caerthe rally around the black and gold banner! 


In this new era I call out to all my brothers of the Chivalry to come forth with your squires and sergeants and join me in advancing the skills of all in the barony. Our numbers and vigor have paled beside the energy and strength of our rapier fighters.  As such, we will join with them to meet together in the same place, on the same day.  Let us see their good example and bring back the practices of legend.  

Yours in Service to the Dream, 


Sir Iohann der Vuhs



Who: BOTH Heavy and Rapier 
Where: Cushing Park in Englewood  700 W Dartmouth Ave, Englewood, CO 80110

When: THURSDAY, 6:30 to 9


All members of the populace are invited to come and bring projects to work on and to socialize.

The park has bathrooms, shelters that we can reserve or use if unoccupied, and some lighting.  Practices will go as late as the available lighting is safe.  I will do my best to announce practice cancellations due to weather in a timely manner, most likely via Facebook.  Bear in mind that I enjoy hanging out in the snow.   


You can sign up for email notifications for practice cancellations here:


NOTE: The bathrooms will be open for the summer as of the 3rd week of April, so plan accordingly for the next 2 weeks.    

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Sunday, September 9, 2018