Seeking Deputy Baronial Scribe

Announcement: Looking for a deputy

From the baronial scribe:

I have been honored to serve as the baronial scribe for a while and am planning for a day when I will hand the office to another person. To that end, I am looking for a deputy who would like to step up when I step down. The most important quality of a baronial scribe is organization. Duties include organizing award scroll assignments, making sure scrolls get to the baron and baroness at or before an event, and promoting scribal activities in the barony. Proficiency in illumination and/or calligraphy is great to have, but most important is organization and enthusiasm for the scribal arts.

If you are interested in becoming the baronial scribe deputy, please email the baronial scribe, seneschal, and Baron and Baroness (,,

Archive Date: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2020