Seeking new Chatelaine

The position of Chatelaine for the Barony has come open and interested parties need to submit letter of intent by Nov. 5th to the baronial seneschal, the current Chatelaine, Their Excellencies and the Kingdom officer.

What is the Chatelaine?

 This office has one main purpose: Welcoming newcomers to the Current Middle Ages. It is primarily the office designated to coordinate the education and orientation of new members.  Ideally, all of the local group’s members should serve as in this capacity, seeking out new people and welcoming them, which would be consistent with the SCA’s ideals of courtesy. Since SCA members are occasionally preoccupied with other activities (such as martial arts or hosting an event), most groups designate one person to serve as their hospitality representative in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of providing a courteous and welcoming environment for the newcomer to the local group. There are other duties that follow with with such as organizing demos and 



 Tact, sensitivity, courtesy, good communication skills, and a love for the SCA are vital qualities. Can you remember what it was like to be a newcomer? Tact and sensitivity will lend prudence to know when to comment on a newcomer’s attempt at period costuming or when to be accepting of their efforts. Be sensitive to “newcomer overload”. Bear in mind there are so many aspects to learn about life in the SCA that the newcomer may be quickly overwhelmed by too much information.  Unless the person is prompting you with questions, make your comments brief. Then ask the newcomer if he or she wants to hear more details. Patience, a sense of humor and a sense of proportion are also necessary elements for this position. There is a fine line between helping a newcomer grow and being perceived as criticizing. 


Paperwork and Reporting Reports

   Monthly reports to the baronial seneschal and the Kingdom officer.




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Tuesday, November 6, 2018