Toys For Tots Donations

Toys For Tots, 15 October 2017, Caer Galen

Greetings:  Lady Hrafna-Ylave of Caer Galen is organizing a special “Toys for Tots” donation collection.
She has received 12 small backpacks with monster designs from

More bags are welcome.

The following items are needed for the donation:

  • coloring books (the “adult labeled” coloring books are great for older children)
  • crayons
  • colored pencils with small pencil sharpeners
  • colored markers (washable for the very small children)
  • small packages of stickers
  • any item of an artistic nature
  • items for an older child
  • small toys for boys and girls

Walmart and the Dollars stores seem to have the lowest prices on back to school supplies.  Crayola brand has the best quality. 

You may contact her:  Lady Hrafna-Ylva  or Ylva Griffin  at or me for collecting of the donations.  Also, you may find Hrafna-Ylva at Battlemoor  for drop off of items.

We thank you.

In service,

THLady Killian MacKenzie

Archive Date: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017