Posted: Mon, 5/7

Good gentles of Caerthe!

In the times of Medici Florence, the Priori of the Signoria ruled the city.  When major decisions were to be made, the Priori sought counsel from a Collegi (Co-lay-gee) - a gathering of the various guild leaders and city elders. In this, the ancient, and noble... Read More

Posted: Mon, 5/7

To all noble combattants of the fine Barony of Caerthe, Sir Iohann, Warlord and Marshal of Caerthe, sends greetings.

The snows of winter have faded into the mountains and new grass grows fresh in the fields. The drums of foreign wars have fallen quiet and now we look within our the... Read More

Posted: Tue, 4/3

Unto those who wield rattan or rapier in this great barony, Sir Iohann, knight marshal of Caerthe sends greetings.

For many years we have reaped the benefit of good lands and a warm place in the fine hall where the arts of sword and chivalry have been practiced. As harvests of late... Read More

Posted: Fri, 2/16

Unto Their Majesties Darius of Jaxartes and Anna MacTaggart, Their Excellencies, Sir Alasdair MacDubhghaill the Scot & Mistress Dianna Doria, the Nobility, Peerage and Populace of the Great Barony of Caerthe, do we, Lord Domenico Forestani and Lady Maria Castelana, send warm... Read More

Posted: Wed, 1/24

Unto all in the Barony of Caerthe, Alasdair and Dianna, Baron and Baroness of these fine lands send greetings!

Posted: Thu, 1/11

You may have heard that our current Baron and Baroness have received permission from Their Majesties to step down during this reign. Those interested individuals who would like to step up and take this august position must be paid members of the SCA, Inc and live within the boundaries of the... Read More

Posted: Mon, 12/11

Thankful of the long service of our current exchequer, we are looking for a new member of the populace to take up the position.

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Posted: Mon, 12/11

The agendas and minutes for the monthly business meetings are now available online.  Check them out in the Seneschal's Google Drive account.  [Link]

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Posted: Wed, 12/6
Posted: Tue, 11/21

Did you know that your local group can get access to gmail, google calendars, Drive, and all of the rest of gSuite for free?  Through the Google for Nonprofits program, you can simplify how your group keeps records and communicates. 

Google for... Read More

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Posted: Thu, 9/28

Greetings unto the populace of Caerthe,

This is a reminder that we are still looking for letters of intent for the position of Exchequer, and would like those submissions before the October populace meeting. If this is cutting things close for anyone who may still have questions, please... Read More

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Posted: Mon, 8/7

Toys For Tots, 15 October 2017, Caer Galen

Greetings:  Lady Hrafna-Ylave of Caer Galen is organizing a special “Toys for Tots” donation collection.
She has received 12 small backpacks with monster designs from ... Read More

Posted: Wed, 7/26

The Barony of Caerthe is currently seeking proposals from individuals or teams wishing to serve as Autocrats for Caerthen 12th Night, the camping event on Memorial Day weekend, and/or Spring AS LIII Coronation.  Proposals are due at the August 7th Caerthen populace meeting.  


... Read More

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Posted: Tue, 5/23

Come join us for the Summer Tournament circuit in Caerthe.  We'll hold a tournament at the last heavy and rapier practice of each month, through September.  Results from these tournaments throughout the kingdom will be used at Stag's Emprise in October, hosted by the Barony of Caerthe.

... Read More

Posted: Mon, 5/15

The Condottieri website has been updated with new Activity information and an updated Calendar.  More information will be posted as the event nears.

Check it out and let us know if you have any questions.
A work party is scheduled for the weekend of the 20th and... Read More