Baronial Officers


Lady Roana Campbell

In medieval times, the Seneschal was the steward of a Great House. Seneschals also performed duties similar to a governor or other administrative or judicial officer.
In the SCA, a Seneschal is like the city manager to the Baron and Baroness, who are similar to a city mayor. The Seneschal helps facility the legal aspects of running events, membership, and the general business of the barony.


Lady Lianor da Costa

The office of the exchequer is responsible for all financial activities in the barony. All fund requests, event budgets, deposits, donations, and so on go through the exchequer. The office also reports non-member event attendance. It is one of the most challenging positions in the barony, and also one of the most fulfilling. The office is more of a background office, focused on the bookkeeping rather than meeting everyone in the populace, but it also gives some of the best insight into how the barony operates.

Chatelaine (Gold Key)

THL Lisette de Troyes
The Honorable Lady Lisette de Troyes

If you’re new to the SCA or to Caerthe, I’m the right person to contact!  We have a lot of helpful information in our Newcomers’ section of the website.  We have a collection of garb, accessories, and feastware for new members to borrow, called Gold Key.   Please reach out with any questions!

Arts & Sciences Minister

Lady Arndis Knytir

The Office of the Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances.  If you have questions about how to get started with period sewing, illumination, leatherworking, cooking, or any of the other thousands of things medieval people created and used, contact the A&S minister.
The deputy Arts & Sciences ministers for Caerthe are Lady Isabeau du Rohan and THL Marion Forrester.

Baronial Marshal

The office of the Baronial Marshal is responsible for managing martial activities for the barony.  In Caerthe, this means maintaining the loaner gear, making sure we have a site for fighter practices, and helping new fighters learn the basics of heavy combat.  If you’re interested in finding out more about heavy fighting, please send an email to or come out to our Tuesday Practice in Denver.

Rapier Marshal

Don Jehan Mor

The Rapier Marshal attends regular Baronial rapier practice and has a few duties. The marshal is especially responsible to new fighters. He or she maintains the loaner gear and makes sure everyone has signed the appropriate waiver and inspects fighters’ armor and weapons. He also observes fighting and reports any incidents involving injury and/or broken equipment, such as a broken blade or lost tip.
He also makes monthly reports to the seneschal, knight marshal, kingdom rapier marshal, and Baron and Baroness.

Captain of Archers

THL Forrester

Promotes target archery activities in the barony.

Equestrian Marshal

Leads equestrian activities for the barony.


Produces the Fortress newsletter for the barony.


Lady Therasia Thoma

The webwright is responsible for maintaining the baronial website. This officer helps autocrats create pages for events, posts announcements, and updates the baronial calendar as needed. This person is also the administrator of the baronial Google accounts, including officer email, Drive, and calendars. Contact this officer if you run in to a problem on the site or if you’ve had difficulty reaching another officer.
If you have an event that you’d like added to the site, please use this form.

Social Media Officer

Mistress Isabel de Calais

The Social Media Officer maintains the baronial social media accounts.  The barony has several Facebook groups, a Twitter account, and a Pinterest account.  To distribute a message to these platforms, send your message request to

Aspen Pursuivant (Herald)

Master Jethro Stille

The Herald assists the populace in researching names and devices as well as assisting with submitting heraldic items to the College of Heralds for approval. She also maintains a library of heraldic books for the barony.  For more information about heraldry, visit the kingdom herald’s site at


Lady Marion Forrester

Encourages and plans scribal (calligraphy and illumination) activities in the barony. Organizes award scroll assignments. Your one-stop scribal contact!

Minister of Lists

Lady Arndis Knytir

Runs and maintains records of the tournaments held in the barony.


Keeps track of baronial property and equipment. Contact the quartermaster if you are running an event and needs things like signs, water jugs, cooking equipment, etc.

Youth Minister