Our Landed Nobility and Their Retinue

Unto the populace of the Great Barony of Caerthe do we, Domenico & Maria, send Joyful Greetings.

We are excited for the journey that is about to begin! There will be great things in store for the Barony and we are looking for gentles who are excited about fulfilling the Dream. Please reach out if you would like to help in any capacity. We also know that the populace of our Barony are capable of great feats in all areas of discipline: martial, service, and arts. Thus, we ask that you assist us in celebrating these feats by sending all award recommendations to us via email, Facebook Messenger, or the online form.

Be ever mindful that you serve us best by serving the needs of our people.

In Service to the Dream,

Lord Domenico & Lady Maria

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Their Excellencies Progress

Updated Progress for Their Excellencies Dominico and Maria:

• August 31 - September 4: Warders of the Western Gate (Fontaine dans Sable) - Maria
• August 31 - September 4: Of Fire and Wind (Unser Hafen*) - Domenico

• September 8: Crown Tournament (Aarquelle) - Both
• September 15: Northglenn Pirate Festival DEMO^ (Hawks Hollow) - Domenico (Maria maybe)
• September 22: Newcomers (Unser Hafen) - Both
• September 28-30: Rapier Camp & Grace and Valor (Aarquelle+) - Both

• October 6: Science Faire (Scola Metallorum) - Domenico
• October 6: Punkin Chunkin DEMO^ (Ravenhyrst) - Maria
• October 20: Ravensfaire (Ravenhyrst) - Both

• November 3: Holiday Bazaar (Dragonsspine*) - Domenico (Maria maybe)
• November 10: Coronation (Drygestan) - Both

Special Notes:
* = held within Caerthe borders, run by a different barony
+ = Cearthe is co-hosting the event
^ = DEMO 

Picture of Baron Domenico Forestani & Baroness Maria Castelana
Baron & Baroness: 
Lord Domenico Forestani & Lady Maria Castelana


His Excellency

  • Allergic to Mushrooms; eats low-carb (keto) diet; likes: red wine and cheese

Her Excellency

  • Gluten-free, dislikes: bananas, pineapple, granola & rum; likes: dark chocolate and whiskey


We would like small, useful, & preferably handmade things like (lightly-scented) soaps, bookmarks, DIY kits (needlework etc.), Trim/cord, fabric/yarn, sewing notions, mini sewing kits, tissue holders, blank journals, bookmarks, camp scrubbies etc. In addition, we are looking for medium-sized drawstring bags in lieu of baskets to place largess into.  We prefer not to receive books, Christmas decor, anything covered in glitter, & large unwieldy objects (difficult to store). 



Head of Household

THL Isabelle de Calais

Head of Retinue

Mizra Jibra'il `Attar

Captain of the Guard

Don Iago