Our Landed Nobility and Their Retinue

Their Excellencies of Caerthe – Countess Ansteys Darcy and The Honorable Lord Dubhghall mac Gille Easbaig

Countess Ansteys Darcy
THL Dubhghall mac Gille Easbaig

Their Excellencies Household

Aide-de-Camp – Baroness Morgan Cheyney
Captain of the Guard – Don Tahir al Razi

Retinue/Guards – Mistress Kseniya, Lady Bryngeror (Bryn) Deotrichsdottir, Lady Marie Dooley, Lady Astrior Ylgr, Lady Therasia Thoma, Lady Aliena Verte Davis, Noble Anne of Ostgaror, Lady Elora Von Effyn, Isabel of Ostgaror, Talespinner, Amina of Caerthe