Twelfth Night Middle Eastern Oasis and Hafla



A moorish bazaarClose your eyes from the cold Northern winds and imagine for an evening the warm desert breeze caressing your face, gently relaxing you.  Immerse yourself in the exotic sights, smells, and sounds of the Middle East.

For on Saturday, January 5, 2019, Caerthe's 12th Night will be celebrated from the faraway lands of Persia.  Come join in the revelry of a hafla, dance to the drums of Master Donovan and other talented Outlands drummers, savor a Middle Eastern inspired feast prepared by Lady Maire, haggle with merchants for precious treasure at the bazaar, and enjoy a cup of aromatic Turkish coffee at Crestina's Coffeehouse.

The schedule has been updated.  Click on the tab to see what's going on!


Peer Circles

1:00pm - Laurel Circle

1:30pm - Pelican Circle

2:00pm - Chivalry Circle

2:30pm - MOD Circle

And there will be so much more not to be missed!  Come to a desert oasis for an evening of celebration!

There will be a war practice on Sunday.  For information about the war practice see this link.

Date and Time: 
Saturday, January 5, 2019 - 11:00am to 9:00pm
Getting There
Adams County Regional Park, Waymire Dome
9755 Henderson Rd
Directions to Adams County Fairgrounds on Saturday Jan 6th. Heading North on I-25. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 216A to merge onto I-76 E toward Fort Morgan (about 7 miles). Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 12 for US-85 N toward Brighton/Greeley (almost 4 miles). Turn left onto E 124th Ave (124th Ave will turn into Henderson Ave and the road will veer slightly to the right, you will be on this road for about 1 mile). Turn right onto Park Blvd. The event will be held in the Waymire building (the round one with a dome) Heading South on I-25 Head southwest on Exit 225. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto W 136th Ave (signs for Thornton) Head east for about 4.5 miles. Turn right onto Quebec St (about 1 mile). Turn left onto E 128th Ave (about 1 mile). Turn right onto Riverdale Rd (about 1/2 mile). Turn left onto Henderson Rd (about 1/2 mile). Turn left onto Park Blvd. The event will be held in the Waymire building (the round one with a dome)

Alcohol Policy: 

Main Schedule

11:00 am - Site opens

12:00pm - Court - Main Hall

1:00pm - Laurel Circle 

1:30pm - Pelican Circle

2:00pm - Chivalry Circle

2:30pm - MOD Circle

4:00pm - Court and Feast begins - Main Hall

6:00 pm - Hafla begins - Main hall

9:00pm - Site closes

* Peer Circles will be in the royal meeting rooms behind the stage

In Crestina's Coffee Grotto

11:30am - Meeting of the Outlands Lady Fighters

12:30pm - Drumming Class with Master Donovan

1:00pm - Heavy Fighters philosophy with HE Sir Robert Magnus

1:30pm - Fencing and Cut & Thrust in Today's SCA - Master Domin and Mistress Jervel 

2:00pm - Turkish vs Persian - Master Jibra\'il Attar and Lady Dilara Celebi Hanim

2:30pm - Chivalry in Arabic Culture - Sir Iohann

3:00 pm - BAM Meeting - open to the public


There will be several tables hosted by various people in the main hall:


Newcomers - Lord Morgan

Scribal - THL Marion

Silent Auction - Mistress Aldyth

Mosiac titles - Mistress Arcadia


Several merchants will around the inside ring of the dome 


Lady Anneka will have children's activities throughout the day 





1st Course

Pickles, Olives, Stuffed Börek Vegetarian (Crisp phyllo rolls stuffed with spinach, feta and scallions) w/ dipping sauce, Stuffed Börek Meat (Crisp phyllo rolls stuffed with ground spiced lamb and pistachios) w/ dipping sauce


2nd Course

Lentil Soup (vegetarian), Variety of salads, Turkish Flatbread, Köfte (spiced meatballs)


3rd Course

Tavuk Kavurmasi (Fried Chicken), Lamb or Beef Kebabs, Rice, Assorted Vegetables


4th Course Desserts

Rice Pudding, Lalanja served with jams and cream, Turkish Pistachio Baklava

Preregistration Info: 
Pre-reg checks to THL Yuki mka Michel Tillotson, 2100 W 100th Ave, Lot 467, Thornton, CO 80260 Postmarked a week before the event. No reservations taken by email, text, phone or facebook. All information for who and what is being paid for must be included in a note NOT on the check. Blue cards will be checked at gate.
Adult - Member
Adult - Non-member
Feast - Adult
Feast - Child
Main Autocrat
THL Crestina da Brescia