Caerthe 12th Night



Photo credit join your friends and celebrate the season for the time honored tradition that is Caerthean 12th Night. There will be games-a-plenty, dancing, feasting, general merriment, and song.
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Saturday (at Adams County Fairgrounds, the Waymire dome) will be filled with toasting your friends and celebrating their good company. The event will begin at noon on Saturday and end by 10 pm.

Bring your banners and heraldry.  We will happily hang banners for the populace and friends to make the hall more festive.  There is also a table decorating contest sponsored by the barony.

If you are interested in merchanting, please contact Lady Roana Campbell





War Practice on Sunday at 10am

Bring your spears, bring your friends.  Get ready for Estrella!  

We'll be working on melee skills and tactics, as well as our super secret battle strategy (hint: "Get 'em!"). 

There will be a brass bowl for site donations.  

Douglas County Fairgrounds

500 Fairgrounds Rd, Castle Rock, CO 80104 [MAP]



Date and Time: 
Saturday, January 6, 2018 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Getting There
Adams County Fairgrounds - Waymire Dome
9755 Henderson Rd

History of Caerthe Video Project

If you've been at one of the past few populace meetings, you've heard about this!  There have been several great videos posted from places around the Knowne World lately and video makes for an excellent modern format for telling stories.  We are going to be recording interviews with members of the populace to produce one or more short video(s) to go on the website.  Each interview will be 10 minutes or less, recorded, and edited for a web-friendly format.  If you have a great story to tell, come share it!  

We will have a sign-up sheet available for interview times during the event.  


Gaming and Gambling!

We'll have dice games and table games.  Bring your gambling bits! 

Forrester is bring both regular and lawn darts for some indoor thrown-weapons practice.  



Dancing will be led by Maestra Elena Isabella de Glastonbury and we will have live musicians (as compared to deceased ones; those don't play as well).


And if you need more action...

Some Jomswikinger perhaps?

Or maybe some hunker hausen?

There are even rumors of a boffer tournament and hobby horses... Come find out!





12:00 Site opens
12:30 Opening Court
1:00 - 4:00 See Activites page
4:00 Court
6:30 Feast
10:00 Site Closes



A sumptuous feastA delicious feast is being prepared by THL Reynhard Sebastian von Reutte.  Please reserve your seat.

The sumptuous feast will consist of

  • Coquilles St. Jacques      
  •                 Dry white wine
  •                 Onion
  •                 Lemon Juice
  •                 Scallops
  •                 Mushrooms
  •                 Butter
  •                 Flour
  •                 Heavy Cream
  •                 Bread crumbs
  •                 Swiss/Gruyere cheese
  • Salmon Rissoles
  •                 Salmon
  •                 Honey
  •                 Liquid smoke
  •                 Munster cheese
  •                 Cream Cheese
  •                 Chives
  •                 Wonton wrappers
  •                 Cooking oil
  • Onion Soup       
  •                 Onions
  •                 Butter
  •                 Sherry
  •                 Vegetable bullion
  •                 Garlic
  • Zanzarelli            
  •                 Chicken buillon
  •                 Eggs
  •                 Parmesan cheese
  •                 Bread crumbs
  • Chicken
  •                 Chicken breasts
  •                 Flour
  •                 Butter
  •                 Milk
  •                 Mushrooms
  •                 Sour cream
  • Almond Rice      
  •                 Rice
  •                 Beef Bullion
  •                 Butter
  •                 scallions
  •                 Almonds
  •                 Pine Nuts
  •                 Cinnamon
  •                 Cloves
  •                 Parsley
  • Cheese Torte    
  •                 Egg Yolks
  •                 Milk
  •                 Chives
  •                 Dry Mustard
  •                 Bread crumbs
  •                 American cheese
  •                 Egg whites
  • Beef Boiurguignonne    
  •                 Beef cubes
  •                 Bacon
  •                 Flour
  •                 Onions
  •                 Garlic
  •                 Sherry
  •                 Beef Bullion
  •                 Mushrooms
  •                 Carrots
  • Spinich florentine           
  •                 Spinich
  •                 Butter
  •                 Flour
  •                 Onion
  •                 Chicken Broth
  •                 Heavy cream
  •                 Parmesan cheese
  •                 Nutmeg
  •                 Pepperocino
  •                 Swiss cheese
  •                 Parmesan cheese (topping)
  • Clafouti
  •                 Milk
  •                 Sugar
  •                 Eggs
  •                 Vanilla
  •                 Flour
  •                 Cherries
  •                 Powdered sugar
  • Sambocade       
  •                 Pie Shell
  •                 Heavy Cream
  •                 Elderflowers
  •                 Cottage cheese
  •                 Ricotta cheese
  •                 Eggs
  •                 Butter
  •                 Sugar
  •                 Cloves
  •                 Mace
  •                 Rosewater

Preregistration is available.  We cannot guarantee there will be seats available for feast at the door, so please preregister!

To preregister, send a check to:
Her Honor Celestina  Santi
mka: Brenda Cragin  
7433 S. Memphis St, 
Aurora CO 80016

Adult - Member
Adult - Non-member
Feast - Adult
Feast - Child
Family Cap - Members
Family Cap - Non-members
Main Autocrat
THL Adrien de Calais
Sir Iohann der Vuhs
THL Reynhard Sebastian von Reutte
L Roana Campbell