Condottieri - A Battle for Florence



Which general will you pledge your winnings to?

Which general will you align with to help bring greater glory ... and wealth ... in victory in the battle for Florence?


Credit: Derrick Hildman



In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the Italian city-states of Venice, Florence, and Genoa were very rich from their trade with the Levant, yet possessed woefully small armies. In the event that foreign powers and envious neighbors attacked, the ruling nobles hired foreign mercenaries to fight for them. The military-service terms and conditions were stipulated in a condotta (contract) between the city-state and the soldiers (officer and enlisted man), thus, the contracted leader, the mercenary captain commanding, was titled the Condottiere.

Condottieri (plural) were the leaders of the professional military free companies (or mercenaries) contracted by the Italian city-states and the Papacy.

Unknown interests are again stirring up discontent and trouble for the city-states, and this time their target is Florence.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, two Condottieri Generals will face off to determine who will be the one to sack Florence. But, they will need everyone’s help to give their armies the advantage during the battles. Coins will be awarded as prizes for the activities sponsored on Friday and Saturday. These coins are used by the Generals to purchase advantages for their armies. All are invited to come join in on the fun and support the Generals in their battles.

Activities abound under every interest and your participation in these activities will affect the outcome of the battle! Keep an eye here for further details on the many activities being planned.


  Credit: Aileen Smith  


Date and Time: 
Friday, May 25, 2018 - 12:00pm to Monday, May 28, 2018 - 12:00pm
Getting There
Quint Valley Fairgrounds
571-899 Main St


Heavy Melees

On Sunday, the Generals will engage in a War to determine which army will get to sack Florence. This will be a series of Battles in which
the retreating army will get to choose their next battle. The Generals will be collecting the coins that are being awarded all over site, from a
variety of activities, and using them to purchase advantages for their armies.

Terrains will range from a town battle, to a bridge battle, open field and a mystery terrain. The army that defeats the army that is defending the
castle wins the day and will be able to sack Florence for its treasures.

Rapier Melees

The theme for Rapier at Condottieri is All Melee, All The Time!  Everything has a melee theme to it, from a light and fun Snowball Tourney to the adrenaline-fueled Blood of Heroes on Saturday, followed by battles of sabotage, pageantry, and pillaging as the city of Florence comes under attack! Gamble and trade your way to fuel your war chest on Saturday, for on Sunday you'll need to be well prepared to sack the city and gain its riches for yourselves.


To be announced


On the archery range, throughout Saturday a series of archery activities will take place with coin prizes given to the winners of the

Unser Hafen and Caer Galen will be holding their baronial archery championships during the day on Saturday.  See your current champions for details.

Arts & Sciences

All A&S classes will take place in the Quonset Hut on Saturday from 10am – 5pm.  See the schedule for class times.

Class Descriptions

9am – HH Mistress Jeanne-Marie – Making Braes - Simple pattern for comfortable braes plus history of UNDERWEAR! No fee but if you bring 1 1/2 yards of washed white/unbleached linen or cotton, you will leave with a pair ready to be sewn and wear!

9am – THL Forrester – Leather Tooling - $5 for the leather, if you got your own tooling tools please bring them. I forgot for the leather working adults only class limit 10. And we will be teaching beginning to Advanced leather tooling tips and techniques both in Period And for SCA

10am - THL Pettronella – Crochet Boots - Saturday May 26th 10am- Crocheted Camp Boots
Come learn how to make a pair of cozy boots that are NOT PERIOD, but still blend in well and keep your feet warm around the fire at night or for those midnight privy runs. In talking about how these boots go together we will also discuss period shoe making techniques, and how this modern pattern could be adapted to make period shoes or period looking shoe/boot covers. Don’t Crochet? Come anyway! If you knit or work with fabric or leather we can talk about how to adapt the pattern, and if you don’t do anything yet we can teach you to crochet.
Recommended supplies:
Flip flops in your size*
Crochet hooks B, K, & L
An awl or sharp tapestry needle
10ish yards of worsted weight yarn that matches your flip flops
220 yards of Bulky / chunky yarn
6 3/4 inch buttons
This pattern (There is a nicely formatted paid version, but the free one works just as well)
*Or, if you aren’t sure about this concept and want to do a faster mini version to see if you like it get some kid size flip flops. You can always start small and donate to a friend with a growing kiddo. The Barony has all sizes of munchkins, so just pick a pair you like.

10am – HE Mistress Bri – Belly dancing for the terminally shy - Middle Eastern Dance for the Terminally Shy. Have you ever sat at the side of a drum circle wanting to dance, but not knowing how? This is your chance to learn in a safe environment. Please wear comfortable clothes to class (no corsets please, you won't be able to move), and bring a hip scarf if you have one! No cost for the class. Children are welcome if they can focus on the class activities for the entire hour.

11am – THL Pettronella – Hats - A Very Versatile Hat
You have probably heard at least one SCAdian lament that you aren’t dressed without a hat. I used to HATE hats because none of them fit my head right, and until I learned to make my own wearing hats was a chore. Now it is part of the fun! Come learn a basic hat pattern that went through many adaptations over many hundreds of years growing from a short middle eastern pillbox, to a fez, to a flower pot hennin, and how to dress it to fit your persona.
Recommend supplies: I should be able to bring everything we need to get started. If you already know how you want to skin your hat bring about 1/2 yard of material and matching thread. Donations will be accepted but not required.

11am - THL Isabelle – Period Italian Hair - Mid 16th Century Italian Hair
We will discuss how women in Florence & Venice decorated their hair in the mid 16th century. Hair styles will be demonstrated on styling head & on any willing victims. Class handout will be e-mailed to participants after the event. If you would like your hair styles in class please bring 2 day old hair to class & your preferred comb.

12pm – HH Mistress Diana – Needle Felting - Have you ever seen some of the beautiful felted works of art and wondered how they did it? Needle felting is your answer. Use one of the patterns provided or draw your own to make a felted applique that can be tacked down to any garment or accessory. A little bit of history will be provided, but the majority of the class focuses on hands-on activities. We will be working with wool, so those with wool/sheep allergies may want to bring gloves and/or your own felting materials. Children under 14 with adult supervision only. Class limit 8

12pm - HE Maria (Lana) – Norse Whipcording - Many braiding and weaving techniques have been used throughout history to turn thin threads into stronger cords. Most people in the SCA are familiar with the cords that can be produced through finger weaving and lucet work, but there is a less commonly known type of braiding that was used in Scandinavia during the medieval period. This is called either whip cording or interlocking and uses four strands and four bobbins to produce a round cord. Some of the advantages to whip cording over finger weaving include that it can be made in much longer lengths and can easily be dropped and picked up again as time and interest allow. It is also much faster and easier than either luceting or finger weaving.

Class has no limit on attendees and no required materials fee. Participants can bring their own set if they have one or optionally buy one for a materials cost of $5

1-2pm - Master Jibra’il – Jewelry 101 - This is your chance to learn about making jewelry at the introductory level. No experience required! We’ll go over common tools and materials, and introduce you to some basic jewelry techniques to get you started.

1pm – HE Morgan Cheney – Herbal Salves - Herbal Salves
We will be discussing period recipes, and how to use modern materials to make your own.
Make and take, everyone goes home with a salve. $2 fee to cover materials

2-4pm – Master Jibra’il – Jewelry Roundtable - (Troubleshooting / Ask an Expert) Roundtable. This is a chance for you to ask questions and get some hands on help! Members of the Jewelers’ Guild of Caerthe will be on hand to help troubleshoot problems with current projects, show you finishing techniques, and answer your jewelry making questions.

2pm – HE Pvari – pouches - $25 material fee for a double leather pouch with pouchlets, needles, sinew, and thonging. Walk away with a 14-16th century belt pouch. Children welcome with a parent, limit 15.

2pm - THL Marion – Making Period Pigments for Illumination - We’ll make pigments using several techniques. We will also talk about period treatises and how pigments were made into paint. You will have pigments that you can take home with you. Planned pigments are carbon black, a super simple saffron pigment, malachite, and a lake pigment in different stages. Suggested donation $5 for supplies and handouts. Teenagers and older welcome.


Join the storytellers and singers of the Outlands in a revel on Saturday night.  Each participant in the activity will be awarded in Condottieri Coins.

Blackthorn Bard

There will be a Bardic held concurrently with feast that will include the Blackthorn Bard Competition.

Stag Choir Practice

The Stag Choir will be rehearsing at 4pm at a location to be determined, and will perform either directly before or during evening court
*If we are not in the hut there will be a note there directing people where we will be.


Fairy Tea Party

As the Generals are collecting their armies and planning their battles the little fairy folk are looking to bring some beauty and fun to the area! Calling all small (children) fairy folk there will be a fairy tea party on Sunday at 2:00 pm in the Quanset hut. Please come and play with us - have some tea (lemonade as Fairies don't really care for tea) some snacks and fun. Wear your most fairy-like attaire and be ready to pick out a fairy bag and wings!! We can't wait to see you and have lots of fun with treats and..... glitter! What would a fairy tea party be without glitter!

Scavenger Hunt

Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers are proud to present THE MARAUDER'S MAP.  Please join us for an adventure following the marauders map. We will meet at the fire pit at 10 am on Saturday to begin our day!


Gambling Hall

Bring your games and your coins to compete against one another to help bring your General more coin to defeat his enemy.

Gangs of Florence

On Friday night at Condottierre, the street gangs of Florence will have free reign over the town. Bring up to 10 ADULTS with you for a night of free-for-all boffer bragging rights (and coins). Your gang will be provided with one flag and each gang member will be given one boffer knife and arm band (to identify who is playing). The gang with their flag hanging from the banner pole in the center of town will get coin to supply a general's army.

Should you find yourself with a wound, the local hospital will have an adult liquid tonic available which miraculously heals and invigorates, to get you back on the streets.

The city guard has no way of stopping anyone (hint: generals) from selling better weapons to any of these gangs in exchange for some of those winning coins.


1) This is for Adults Only

2) All participants will be provided with an arm band. Don't harass people who aren't playing.

3) Your team should have a flag, there will be 6 available if you do not bring your own.

4) The goal is to have your flag on the flagpole in the middle of town. Whoever has their flag up at random checks can claim coins.

5) You want to steal other teams' flags. Turn them in to the Hospital for coins.

6) All participants will be provided with a boffer dagger, but you are not limited to the provided weapons or daggers. Any weapons that you make and bring must be inspected before use.

7) Valid targets are anything other than the head and neck.

8) Wounds are acknowledged on the honor of the person being hit.

9) If you receive a wound, you must report to the Hospital for a "healing tonic" before continuing to participate.

10) The Hospital will be in Town Square.

  Friday Saturday Sunday Monday

Opening Court

(A&S Classes will begin after court ends)

A&S Leather Tooling with THL Forrester

A&S Patterning Pants with Mistress Jeanne Marie

Pelican Circle 

Silent Auction – Quonset Hut (until 4:00 pm)

A&S Displays and Demos – Quonset Hut (until 4:00 pm)

Caerthe Baronial Archery Championships (2h)


Chivalry Circle

Rapier Warm-up Mixers

Archery Activity 1 – Archery Range (2h)

A&S Bellydancing 101 with Mistress Bri

A&S Crochet boots with THL Petronella

Children’s Scavenger Hunt (All Day)

Armoured War Scenarios Begin


Laurel Circle

Rapier Roving Objectives Melee

Ravenhurst Donation Lunch Fundraiser – Near Bardic Circle

A&S Hats with THL Petronella

A&S Viking Whipcording with HE Maria

Rapier War Begins – Rapier Field – till it ends

Ravenhurst Donation Lunch Fundraiser – Near Bardic Circle

Baronial Brunch

12:00 Site Opens

Archery Activity 2 – Archery Range (2h)

A&S Needle felting with Mistress Diana

A&S Period Italian hair with THL Isabelle

MoD Circle  

Rapier Snowball Tourney

A&S Jewelry 101 with Mizra Jibra'il

A&S Herbal salve class with HE Morgan Chaney

Caerthe Thrown Weapons Championship  

Rapier Blood of Heroes

Archery Activity 3 (2h)

A&S Pouches with HE Pvari

A&S Pigments with THL Marion

A&S Jewelry round table with Mizra Jibra'il (2h)

Children’s Fairy Circle Tea Party – Bardic Circle (1 Hour)

Site Closes

Scribal Meeting - Quonset Hut

16:00   Stag Choir Practice Heavy War Ends
Rapier War Ends


18:00 Gambling Hall Opens
Children's movie night

Court (Town Center)

Closing Court  

Feast – Quonset Hut (3h)

Bardic and Blackthorn Bard competition during feast - Quonset Hut (3h)

Survivors Dinner  
20:00 Gangs of Florence begins      

Wheel of Jello Party – Town Square

Open Bardic - Fire Pit





The following is an Italian Style feast for Saturday Night, May 26th at 6pm, at Condottieri.

1st Remove: Pickles, Olives, Cheese and Pinenut Fritters, Dressed Salad

2nd Remove: Citrus Marinated Grilled Chicken, Herbed Buttered Pasta, Seasonal Vegetables, Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions

3rd Remove: Spiced Cheesecake, Rice Pudding, Honeyed Walnuts

Ingredient details are available.

Please come and enjoy good food with good friends. Plenty of space available.

Preregistration Info: 
We invite and implore everyone to please pre-register for this event and in particular the feast to occur on Saturday evening. Please mail pre registration information and checks (checks to be made out to "Barony of Caerthe") to: Michele Tillotson (aka Yuki) 2100 W 100th Ave Lot 467 Thornton, CO 80260. No emails or FB Posts to reserve If you are registering multiple people, please list all names. Blue cards will be verified at gate.
Adult - Member
Adult - Non-member
Day Trip
Feast - Adult
Feast - Child
Main Autocrat
THL Reynhard von Reutte
Lord Miklos Kovacs
Lord Miklos Kovacs
Lady Marie Dooley
Lord Miklos Kovacs
Arts & Sciences
THL Crestina da Brescia
Youth Coordinator
Lady Taythen Maculagh