Join us May 24th to 27th for a weekend of fun and merriment handcrafted by Count Robert Magnus.  A wide range of activities, with something for everyone, will be happening throughout the event.  Activities include all of the Caerthe champions competitions, an Assasin's boffer extravaganza pitting Baron Nico (Caerthe) vs Baron Nico (Unserhafen), A&S Classes, the Northern Outlands Kube championships, a High Tea with Her royal Majesty, a beer and spirits tasting, A really big party, a really fun bardic which will include Caerthe's Blackthorn Bard competition, and many more.   The tentative schedule is listed below with more updates coming.  


Additional for everyone's culinary pleasure Earl Mika and Mistress Ursula will be put on a feed (I would call it a feast but were just not going to be that formal), this falls more in the line of an old fashioned barbecue.  Everyone is welcome and it is included in you site fee.  


    12:00 noon - Gate Opens
    8:00 PM - Niko vs Niko Boffer Assasination

    9:00 AM - Opening announcements and Court at Her Majesties and/or Excellencies whim.
   10:00 AM - Fun Archery Shoot
                     Caerthe Fencing Championships
                     Caerthe Heavy Warlord Tourney
                     Equestrian Activities (Baronial Champions and Buzkashi)
                     Classes begin:
                       10-12 Mini Mosaic Make & Take Mistress Arcadia
                       1-2 Button Making Marie Dooley
                       1-3 Community Deer Mosaic Mistress Arcadia

    02:00 PM - Kube tournament
                     Queen's Tea (Ladies of the Rose - Maj)
                     Beer brewing Tasting and social
                     Cooks Guild Demo (Mistress Gwen Cat)

    03:00PM   Seven Basic Commands for Dogs (Coinneach Maighstir Nan Coin)

    05:00 PM - Feed (Earl Mika)
    Dark PM - Shoot a Fighter (Kingdom Travel fund)
                     Party (Kube Beer pong, Drumming/Dancing, Baron vs Baron drinking contest)

     10:00 AM  Caerthe/UnserHaffen Archery Championships
                       Heavy Melee
                       Fencing Melee
                       Equestrian activities

      2:00 PM   Ferryman's Tournament (Fencing Tournament)
                      Heavy Fighting Clinic (Knights teaching)

Sunday Evening activities: 
    Bardic (Blackthorn bard competition)

Date and Time: 
Friday, May 24, 2019 - 12:00pm to Monday, May 27, 2019 - 12:00pm
Getting There
Quint Valley Fairgrounds
601 Highway 36 North

   Site Fees for weekend:

            Adult (member) $25.00, Adult (non-member) $30.00

            Child $10.00

            Family Cap (members): $70.00, non-members ($80.00)


  Site Fees per day (day tripping):

          Adult (member) $15.00, Adult (non-member) $20.00

          Child $5.00

          Family Cap (members) 40.00, (non-members) $50.00

Main Autocrat
Count Robert Magnus
Lady Isabel la Biche d'Hiver