Kingdom of the Outlands Arts and Sciences Tournament and Caerthe Investiture




Kingdom A&S will be on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

It is being held at:

Douglas County Fairgrounds

500 Fairground Drive, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

Caerthe Baronial Investiture

Come join us in celebrating the good works of our out-going Baron Alasdair and Baroness Dianna and welcoming their successors Lord Domenico Forestani and Lady Maria Castelana. 


Arts and Sciences Competition

Deadline for Registration is 30 March 2018 for all entries, including a Letters entry and a Display entry. Registration for entries and judges is:

Revised 2018 Rules may be found in the OH and attached here.

Also on

Questions or concerns, please contact:

THLady Killian MacKenzie, OF

Official Deputy KMOAS



Revised January 2018

  1. Kingdom of the Outlands’ Arts and Sciences Tournament is open to all SCA members.
  2. No item may be entered which has previously won or placed in any other Outlands’ Kingdom A&S Tournament. Entries from Queen’s Prize Tournament will be accepted.
  3. Please see “Kingdom Arts & Sciences Tournament” link for complete list of Categories and division at
  4. Any single item will be entered in only one category.
  5. Individuals wanting to compete for champion must enter two items in two different categories. Each entry must have its own separate registration submitted. Display entries must be registered.
  6. A winner may be announced for each division unless there are no entries in that division. The highest point score will determine the champion of that division. These winners will be announced via e-mail and in the Kingdom newsletter. They may also be announced at court, depending on the available time schedule. The final decision will reside with the Kingdom officer. No prizes are awarded for division winners.
  7. Each entrant wishing to compete for overall A&S Champion is required to enter a minimum of two items, in at least two divisions. Overall scores will then be tallied and the entrant with the highest overall average will be declared the Champion. In the event of a tie in the averages, the entrant with the highest single score of the two will be declared the winner.
    1. If Champion requirements are NOT met, alternate Champion requirements will be determined by the Crown or the Kingdom A&S Minister, i.e., the highest single score.
  8. An entry’s total score will be an average of the two scores given by the judges in that division.
  9. Entrants will receive their comment sheets at the end of the day of Tournament.
    1. Comment sheets must be picked up at the end of the day directly after court. Otherwise they must be requested in writing along with a self addressed stamped envelope to mail them back in. If you take this route, please make sure your envelope contains sufficient postage.
  10. Each entrant must be on site and should be available to speak with the judges. If there are special issues, please confer with the Kingdom A&S Minister.
  11. Entrants must preregister for the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tournament before the event. Preregistration must include contact information as well as a summary of their entry.
  12. If the entry is in the form of a scholarly paper, it must be submitted at the time of registration.
  13. The entrant shall complete all work prior to entry. If the entry is a group effort, this must be clearly noted in the documentation.
  14. Actual pieces must be entered – no photographs or reproductions will be accepted.
  15. Items manufactured from kits are not eligible for entry; templates, though, may be used.
  16. The Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences and designated representatives reserve the right to combine any categories not receiving sufficient entries into a miscellaneous class.
  17. The Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences and designated representatives reserve the right to make exceptions to the all of the above rules on a case-by-case basis.
  18. Entries must be on-site and checked in by 9:30 am on the day of the event.
Date and Time: 
Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 9:00am to 10:00pm
Getting There
Douglas County Fairgrounds, Kirk Hall
500 Fairground Drive
Castle Rock
9:00 Site Opens
9:30 Opening Court




12:00 Investiture Court of Lord Domenico Forestani and Lady Maria Castelana







Evening Court

20:00 Site Closes