Queen's Prize Tournament



Deadline for Entrants:  October 8, 2017


The Queen's Prize Tourney is a mentoring and learning opportunity for new or budding artisans in the Outlands. It is a great first competition on the Kingdom level. Queen's Prize allows for friendly competition with constructive critiques and positive feedback from attendees.

Per Her Majesty’s wishes, entrants are expected to fill the following requirements:

  • • Any gentle, awarded or not, can enter the Queen’s Prize Tournament.
  • • Sponsors are not required to enter the tournament.
  • • Be present to participate; since this is set up as an in-person feedback opportunity, it is beneficial to the entrant to be in attendance.
  • • Must enjoy the learning and creative process.  Go outside your box, stretch your wings, and try something completely new to you.
  • • Must provide minimal documentation.
  • • The project can be a work-in-progress.
  • • The project entered into Queen's Prize Tourney cannot have been entered into a higher-level A&S competition (like Kingdom A&S or at an interKingdom War).
  • • All gentles entering Queen’s Prize must bring a small gift or favor for fellow participants.
Date and Time: 
Sunday, October 22, 2017 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Getting There
Lowry Conference Center
1061 Akron Way Bldg 697

Please send all preregistration information to Lady Marion Forester (mka Lisa Adams) via email.
• Artisan SCA Name
• Artisan Modern/Legal Name
• Artisan E-Mail Address
• Project Description (e.g., embroidered Elizabethan sweet bag)
• Project Division (e.g., Fiber Arts) – see list here: http://www.outlands.org/kingdom-a-scompetition-divisions-categories
• Project Category (e.g., Needlework) – see list here: http://www.outlands.org/kingdom-a-scompetition-divisions-categories
• Project Space Needs (e.g., half-table or full-table)

Adult - Member
Adult - Non-member
Main Autocrat
Lady Maire Dooley