Stag's Emprise



Upon the successful completion of our WAR campaigns far and wide (Estrella and Gulf Wars), it is now time to take a breath and begin working on our individual fighting skills. To that end I am going to encourage/assist each group in hosting both a heavy and light tournament once a month for the next six months.

As I have been talking to lots of folks over the last six months, the feedback I have heard the most is there are not enough opportunities to fight. We have one or two big tournaments a year, but over the course of the year its pretty much practice, and in the end if you want to be better in tournaments you need to fight in more tournaments. And truthfully fighters like to fight.

So with that in mind we will begin a season of tournaments which will go for the next six months (April to September). We will document each tournament and assign points for participation, visiting out of area, and how well each person does. At the end we will total the points to determine who all makes the cutoff to compete in the Tournament of Tournaments at Stag's Emprise. We will also hold the Warlord and various other tournaments at this event.

Come and fight on Saturday, October 14.



Date and Time: 
Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 9:00am to 9:00pm
Getting There
Douglas County Fairgrounds
500 Fairgrounds Rd
Castle Rock
Take your best route to Castle Rock at I-25 and Plum Creek Parkway. Take Plum Creek Parkway east to Fairgrounds Road. Turn Left. We're in the multi-purpose barns.

This will be a day of tournaments.  The summer tournament circuit has been leading up to this, so come show your prowess!  All tournaments are open to any authorized fighter. 

Heavy Tournaments

Tournament of Tournaments

This is the culmination of the summer tournament season.  Show off the skills and that killer shot you've developed on the summer circuit.  Fighting will be double elimination, best 2-of-3, bring your best style.

Warlord of the Outlands

Come fight for the honor of standing as Warlord of the Outlands.  The tournament will be run by the current Warlord, Master Bela the Kurgen.  Details to be provided at the event.


Have you learned to fight well in any style of tournament that you enter?  Here's a chance to test yourself.  We'll run multiple rounds of each tournament station over the afternoon so that everyone can jump in as many as they want, then the winners of each round will face off to determine overall victors.  The format of the station tournaments will be determined based on numbers and may be a round-robin, double elimination, or bearpit.  Make sure you bring gauntlets!

6' Spear 

The annual Battlemoor spear tournament brings out the best of the best for Outlands spears.  Fight this redux with only thrusting allowed.

Barrier Fights

In the manner of a Pas, we have a solid barrier available.  This tournament will be conducted using conventions determined by each set of combatants.  For example, one pair might choose single sword, to 5 counted blows, but a different pair might choose bastard swords, best 2-of-3 with normal fighting targets.


This is the Outlands. We fight with axes.  

Fighters will face off on an ox hide with 4' axes in this norse-style tournament.  You must keep at least one foot on the hide.  Matched 4' axes will be available.

2-handed Weapons

Bring any 2-handed weapon you want, but no thrusting is allowed.




Rapier Tournaments

Tournament of Tournaments

Use what you've developed over the summer in a series of stages involving styles and formats from the tournament series. 


Cut & Thrust

Format will be determined based on the number of participants.


Bear Pit

Get all the fighting you can in during this gruelling one hour pit. 


Challenge Rounds

Pick a style and format and challenge your opponent to see who posses the swifter hand to finish out the day.





Time Track Activity
9:00   Site Opens, Heavy Lists Open
9:30 Heavy Tournament of Tournaments
10:00 Rapier List opens for Tournament of Tournaments
10:30 Rapier Tournament of Tournaments
11:30 Heavy Warlord of the Outlands
1:00   Lunch Break
2:00 Rapier Cut & Thrust
3:00 Heavy Stations Tournaments
3:00 Rapier Bear Pit
4:00 Rapier Challenge Rounds
6:00   Closing Activites
9:00   Site Closes


Adult - Member
Adult - Non-member
Sir Robert Magnus
Sir Iohann der Vuhs