Twelfth Night Venetian Masquerade and Carnival



Imagine the canals of Venice, divine food, enthralling dances, and masked intrigue.

The Caerthean 12th Night promises to start the year off right with a day of fun including merchants, dancing, and dinner court. 

On Saturday, January 4th, 2020, Caerthe's 12th Night will be celebrated from the trading capital of the Venice. Come join in this bustling city, haggle with merchants for fine goods the world over, enjoy a cup of aromatic Turkish coffee and refreshment at THL Crestina's Coffeehouse, savor a sumptuous Italian feast prepared by THL Reynhard, dance and enjoy an evening of frivolity in the freedom of the masked Carnival.


Following this day of relaxation, we will prepare for the serious business of War!

Find more information on the war practice here. 






  • Interested in having a booth at 12th Night? Please submit a merchant application or contact Lori for additional information

    Merchants for 12th Night:

    • Blackstone Bath and Boutique (Gabriel Blackstone)
    • Calontir Trim (Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis)
    • Countess Kitta
    • Destash Central (HE Hannah d'Avila)
    • Du Puy Creations (Lord Hugh du Puy)
    • Earl Mika
    • Mom & Megan Designs (Mistresses Galiana and Mirabel)
    • Romani Arts (Lady Ainsley Quin)
    • Sampo Designs (Ivar Thorgrimsson)
    • The Wet Hare (Mistress Asenath)

Non-Merchant Booths

  • Scribal - THL Marion
  • Children's Activities
  • Estrella Scholarship Fund Silent Auction (Mistress Aldyth Trefaldwyn)

Date and Time: 
Saturday, January 4, 2020 - 10:00am to 10:00pm
Getting There
Adams County Regional Park, Waymire Dome
9755 Henderson Rd
Directions to Adams County Fairgrounds. Heading North on I-25. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 216A to merge onto I-76 E toward Fort Morgan (about 7 miles). Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 12 for US-85 N toward Brighton/Greeley (almost 4 miles). Turn left onto E 124th Ave (124th Ave will turn into Henderson Ave and the road will veer slightly to the right, you will be on this road for about 1 mile). Turn right onto Park Blvd. The event will be held in the Waymire building (the round one with a dome) Heading South on I-25 Head southwest on Exit 225. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto W 136th Ave (signs for Thornton) Head east for about 4.5 miles. Turn right onto Quebec St (about 1 mile). Turn left onto E 128th Ave (about 1 mile). Turn right onto Riverdale Rd (about 1/2 mile). Turn left onto Henderson Rd (about 1/2 mile). Turn left onto Park Blvd. The event will be held in the Waymire building (the round one with a dome)



Prepared by THL Reynhard von Reutte and his kitchen staff

(Menu items subject to change based on availability and cost of ingredients)

First Course

Nucato: A spiced honey nut crunch

Pesce Rissoles: A deep fried shell of pastry filled with a savory fish and cheese filling

Fritole alla Veneziane(Venetian Carnival Fritters): A soft batter-like dough fritter that is lightly fried in oil

Fritelle da Imperadore Magnifici(Emperor’s Magnificent Fritters): A cheese and pine nut fritter

    Second Course

    Pollastro Arresto(Chicken in Oranges): Chicken breast marinated in oranges and baked in a savory sweet orange sauce

    Risi e Bisi(Rice and Peas): A classic Venetian dish, simply meaning rice and peas.There were many variations for this recipe, however this particular recipe will be meatless in order to accommodate non-meat eaters.

    Ciliegie e pere in Confyt(Cherries and Pears in Wine Sauce): A form of this recipe was a Roman specialty, exemplifying the simple elegance of Italian fruit dishes.Cherries were very popular in Venice, but due to their “cold and sweet” nature it was advised that they be eaten soaked and cooked in wine

      Third Course

      Zanzarelli(Roman cheese and egg soup): This cheese and egg soup originated in Roman times, but by the 13thcentury was very popular throughout Northern Italy.

      Onion Soup: A basic but savory onion soup

      Fugatti (Filled Bread): A stuffed bread loaf, filled with spices, vegetables and/or fruit

        Fourth Course

        Lasanis(Lasagna): Layered sheet pasta with cheese and spices - this dish will be prepared to be gluten-free

        Polpettes (Beef in Almond Milk): A slightly spicy meatball dish, served in a creamy sweet almond milk based sauce

        Sparaci(Asparagus): Asparagus braised in sautéed onions

        Pomi Arrostiti(Baked Apples): Spiced baked apples – By request, this special dish well known to the regions North of Venezia will be referred to asMele al forno di sua maestà (His Majesty's Baked Apples)

          Fifth Course

          Diriola di Ciliegie: A custard-like tart filled with cherries

            For those with special dietary needs or food allergies please contact THL Reynhard von Reutte (see Contacts)


            Preregistration forms are now available here


            Blue cards will be checked at gate.


            Site Fees: 

            Adult – Member $15

            Adult – Non-member $20

            Child (6-14) $10


            Feast Fees:

            Feast – Adult $15

            Feast – Child (6-14) $6

            Main Autocrat
            Lady Andris Knytir (mka Margaret Provencher)
            THL Reynhard von Reutte (mka Ray Michel)
            HE Hannah d’Avila (mka Lori Abrams)
            Hrefna Ylffva
            Dance Instruction Coordinator
            Maestra Elena Isabella de Glastonbury (mka Susan Woodard Sangermano)
            Coffee Grotto
            THL Crestina da Brescia (mka Vanessa Michel)
            Volunteer Coordinator
            Lord Morgan Kynith (mka John De Vilbiss)
            Royal and Baronial Liasion
            HE Isabel Benet (mka Gail Bennett)