Officers of the Barony

THL Crestina da Brescia, Arts & Sciences Minister Badge of the A&S minister
Responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances.
THL Crestina da Brescia
Jarek af Wolin Badge of the Herald
Assist the populace in researching names and devices as well as assisting with submitting heraldic items to the College of Heralds for approval.
Jarek af Wolin
Badge of the Captain of Archers
Lord Dubhghaill Mac Gilla Easbaig
Picture of Lady Anne Cameron Badge of the Chatelaine
Helps new people find information, loaner garb, and events to attend. If you're new, click here!
Lady Anne Cameron
Lord Khaliu Cessilus Badge of the Chronicler
Produces the Fortress newsletter for the barony.
Lord Khaliu Cessilus
Photo by William Colburn Badge of the Equestrian Marshal
Leads equestrian activities for the barony.
Lady Marisse do Bourgogne
Badge of the Exchequer
Manages baronial financials. Duties include the approval of fund requests and event budgets, managing event gates, and reporting non-member event participation to the kingdom.
Master Logan of Logan
Baron Estavon dela Vega Badge of the Knight Marshal
Responsible for martial activities in the barony, especially heavy combat.
Baron Estavon dela Vega
Lady Martine de La Rochelle Badge of the Minister of List
Runs and maintains records of the tournaments held in the barony.
Lady Martine de La Rochelle
THL Forrester
Keeps track of baronial property and equipment.
THL Angus Montgomery the Forrester
Don Tahir al-Razi Badge of the Rapier Marshal
In charge of rapier practice and loaner gear.
Don Tahir al-Razi
THLady Marion Forester Badge of the Scribe
THLady Marion Forester
Picture of M. Jeanne-Marie Dubois Badge of the Seneschal
The seneschal is the chapter president of the barony.
Mistress Jeanne-Marie Dubois
THL Pettronella Pártaszövõ Badge of the Social Media Officer
Maintains accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other media.
THL Pettronella Pártaszövõ
Sir Iohann Badge of the Webwright
Manages and maintains the baronial website.
Sir Iohann der Vuhs
Badge of the Minister for Children
Lady Anneka of Hoglund